Maybe it’s crossing my mind why the prayers that we say aren’t being answered. While we have prayed at the right time and pray fervently. Prayers that have not been answered, we can anticipate them with urgent healing prayer request so that we get answers, if we really want our prayers to be answered immediately.

Then, why doesn’t God Answer my prayer?

This might be because we do not have a relationship with God. We might know that God exists, maybe we even worship God from time to time. But those who have never seen their prayers answered may not have a relationship with Him. Furthermore, we have never received forgiveness from God for their sins. If so, what should you do? The following explanation. “Behold, the hand of the LORD is not long enough to save, and His hearing is not sharp enough to hear; but what separates you and your God is all your crimes, and what makes Him hide from you, so that He does not hear, is all your sins .” 3

It’s only natural that we feel separated from God. When people ask God for something, what usually happens? We begin by saying, “Lord, I really need Your help in this matter …” Then then there is a pause, followed by a statement “I realize that I am not perfect, in fact I am not worthy to ask You.” There is an awareness of sin personal. And everyone knows that it’s not just them; but God also realized this. There is a feeling, “Who am I playing with?” what we may not know is that we can receive forgiveness from God for all their sins. We may not know that we can have a relationship with God so that He will listen to them. This is the basis for God to answer your prayers.